Contemporary Spanish Corruption part 1

Perhaps I will bore you with some of the intricacies of ‘who’s who’ in Spanish politics after all. Or rather, how an unknown political force can go from virtually nowhere to somewhere in a matter of months and leap not only to the #2 position on PSOE Andalusian election list, but go directly to hold a ministry in Zapatero’s second government might seem strange. Indeed, it might even be seen as coming from a higher, magical force where the rules of politics don’t apply. For thirty-one year old Bibiana Aído, who teleported into the vague and mysterious Ministry of Equality (which apparently seeks to strike out evil remnants of machismo from Spanish society), such elevations are part of her daily life. Nonetheless, back here among mortals, mumblings of enchufismo abound, particularly her father’s influence in the PSOE as well as paybacks for under the table deals during Spain’s recent building boom. 

Bibiana, Minister of Hogwarts

Minister of Hogwarts Equality

As a side note, Bibiana’s fellow Andalusian,  Juan Antonio Roca, the former godfather of Marbella who embezelled billions a few years ago, was released from prison today on a million euro bail and on the condition that he doesn’t go witin 500m of an airport. I am sure his giraffes will be happy to see him back.  

Our personal note to Mr. Roca: How in the the hell did you get a cool million? Who the hell cares? Welcome back Rocky! Marbella hasn’t been the same without ‘ya!