When Will the Horror End?

Two glorious days of real spring weather and we are all getting a little giddy. I’m spontaneously bursting into song, the turkey hen making come hither eyes at the toms, and even the horses are laying around in the sun. The Little Ouse River, normally so sluggish us locals call it the Little Ooze…

…is in full flood from snow melt, and it’s treatening to wash over our road. South-facing embankments are turning a definite hue of green.

And yet. Sadly, and yet.

Winter storm warnings have been posted for Peterborough County. Freezing rain tonight and tomorrow morning.

It’s maddening.

UPDATE (11/04/08): No ice but a wild day of rain and wind. And lightning tonight: it reminded me of some folklore learnt growing up in Bruce County, that the first fall frost in the comes six months after the first thunderstorm of the year. 10 October, or thereabouts. We’ll see.


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