A Guys and B Guys

There’s A’s and there’s B’s. The A’s are guys like me. The B’s are homosexual faggots with dirt on their fingernails that transmit diseases.  — Tom Lukiwski, 1991

I just want to publicly say that I am truly, truly sorry. I’m ashamed for the comments. If I could take those comments back, I would. I would give anything in the world to take those comments back. They do not reflect the type of person that I am. I do not believe in the type of comments that I made. I do not believe the context behind those comments. I can only say that on behalf of myself, my family, my children, I am sorry. I am ashamed and I wish those comments were never made.” — Tom Lukiwski MP, 2008

A full bore drunk, a video camera and a bunch of guys.  So what do you do?  Apparently you make a videotape slagging gays, Ukrainians and women.  Good times.  Now, if you’re a guy like me, a B guy, homosexual faggot with dirty fingernails, Tom Lukiwski’s witticisms have a certain dreary familiarity, if only because it’s the same shit we’ve been hearing all of our lives.  Do I sound  bitter and angry?  Maybe a little: but then I’ve earned it.  Listening to Lukiwski’s drunken commentary was like listening to every homophobic dumbass I’ve ever heard.  In vino veritas.  Seventeen years ago we were disease-ridden fags.  Today we’re responsible for the decline of Western civilization and the greatest threat to the family since the dawn of time.  The line from A to B isn’t that subtle, from drunken homophobe to anti-gay rights parliamentarian.  Lukiwski himself said during the debate on same sex marriage:  “I firmly believe that by passing this legislation, we start on a very slippery slope which could affect societal change in a very adverse way.”  

Of course, Lukiwski follows in a long line of parliamentarians and provincial politicians of all political flavours providing commentary of dubious worth for the edification of Canadians. It’s more than a bit disconcerting that a significant cross-section of the political class holds an identifiable minority in such utter disdain and contempt.  In fact, the amount of A-guy political invective against gays is astonishing when tallied.  Tom Wappel. (“Physically abnormal and morally immoral.”) Ed Schreyer. (“An affliction.”)  Bob Ringma. (“In my business, back of the shop.”) Paul Steickle. (“Unnatural.”) Larry Spencer. (“Should be outlawed.”)  Myron Thompson (“I hate homosexuality.”) I could go on.  And who can forget the Ontario NDP government’s infamous climbdown on domestic partnerships?  Who was that Premier again? 

It’s a little odd that in a week where the media slammed the Federation of Saskachewan Indian Nations was for readmitting David Ahenakew to its councils, Lukiwski’s homophobia is given a pass by assorted A-guy pundits, left and right. It was a long time ago, they argue. He was young. (If 40 can be counted as young.) Times change, mores evolve, and people gain perspective.   Or in a sillier suggestion, he was engaging in satire.  And so on.   Well maybe.  If it wasn’t for his firm (and public) stand against gay rights, and the I’m-only-sorry-I’ve-been-caught tone of his apology, the argument might be more convincing. 


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